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June 2009

June 13: Japanese Embassy at the 6th Kid's Festival BiH

The 6th Kid's Festival BiH took place from 12th to 17th June in the Olympic Center Zetra, in Sarajevo and it was the first year for the Embassy of Japan in BiH to join the festival.

On 13th June, kids could enjoy different activities organized at Zetra, including entertainment, clowns, jugglers, workshops, exhibitions, etc, with participation of many embassies and organizations.

Japanese Embassy's booth was very popular and kids were able to try and play with some of traditional Japanese toys like Kendama, Take-Tombo, Daruma-Otoshi, make origami, or try to eat with chopsticks and be introduced to many other elements of Japanese tradition and culture.

May, 2009

May 28-30: Japanese Embassy's participation in the "Days of Cherry 2009" as a partnership country

7th International Fair of Economy, Agriculture, Food and Tourism "Days of Cherry 2009" was held at Potoci, in the neighborhood of City of Mostar.

The vice president of Federation BiH, Mr. Kebo and Japanese Ambassador Motai attended the opening ceremony on 28th, planting cherry blossom seedlings from Japan and BiH to reaffirm good relationships between the two countries.

The Japanese cherry blossoms were presented by Mrs. Ito, representative of "Ipil-Ipil no Kai" who has been planting cherry blossom seedlings in other cities of BiH

BiH products were exhibited along with the booth introducing Japan.

May, 2009

May 22: Concert by the Japanese band “Pangaea” and the Sarajevo String Quartet

A concert with a mixture of traditional Japanese, western, ethnic, nature and different other kinds of music by the Japanese band “Pangaea” was held together with the Sarajevo String Quartet at the Bosnian Cultural Center.

The instruments played at the concert were violins, viola and cello from the Sarajevo String Quartet and guitar, koto (Japanese traditional harp), contrabass, Japanese flutes and Japanese bells from “Pangaea”.

The audience enjoyed the beautiful harmony of the above mentioned European and Oriental instruments' sounds.

March, 2009

March 18: Ikebana Workshop and Demonstration by Ms. Eikou Sumura, Master Instructor of Sogetsu School at Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo

This event was held by Embassy of Japan in BiH, BH-Nippon Association, and Japan Foundation in cooperation with Ikebana International, sponsored by SONY.

Ikebana is more than mere floral decoration. You can get the pleasure from touching plans and flowers, develop your creative powers as well as make something beautiful and express your heart. Thus, Ikebana contains a lot of possibilities.

Ms.Sumura has wide experience of both as Ikebana teacher and artist. She showed her advanced skills through her works and helped increase the friendship between BiH and Japan.



February, 2009

February 8 and 11: Jadranka Stojakovic's concerts with Japanese Instrument Players at "Dom mladih", Sarajevo and "Banski dvor", Banja Luka

Famous Bosnian singer and songwriter Jadranka Stojakovic, who ever since 1988 mostly resides in Japan, held concerts in Sarajevo and Banja LUka together with Japanese musicians Miwa Inaba and Yoshiko Sakata as a group named "Soundscape".

Miwa Inaba plays Ikuta-styled Koto (Japanese harf) and Yoshiko Sakata is master of Satsuma biwa - short-necked plucked lute.

The concert in Sarajevo was part of the "Sarajevo Winter Festival 2009" program and supported by JTI (Japan Tobacco International), while the concert in Banja Luka was held in Cultural centre "Banski dvor".


September 2009

September 30: "Sumo Do, Sumo Don't" at the Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo

Embassy of Japan in BiH and Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo organized a Japanese Film Night at the Open Stage Obala. The film in 16mm format was shown in Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Suo Mayasuki's Comedy "Sumo Do, Sumo Don't" (1992), for which the director won New Director's Award from the Japanese Film Directors Association, attracted a lot of audience who very much enjoyed the film's comedy as well as learned something new about this unique sport.

September 2009

September 10: Visit to SOS-Social Center Hermann Gmeiner

The Embassy of Japan visited SOS-Social Center in Sarajevo to hold a workshop on Japanese culture.

SOS-Social Center Hermann Gmeiner was founded in 2000, with a main goal to offer a safe and comfortable environment for educative, creative, preventive, and social development for children between 3 and 19 years old.

The children seemed to enjoy touching a part of Japanese culture by watching DVD, learning how to fold origami and play with other Japanese games. They also learned how to write their own names with Japanese letters.

July - August 2009

July 31 - August 14: JAPAN VIDEO WINDOW - 21st Century Japanese Video Art in Sarajevo

The audience in Sarajevo could see contemporary Japanese video art at the exhibition in gallery Duplex/10m2 opened from July 31 to August 14 as part of the project "Japan Video Window".

The project was run by DADADA Association for Contemporary Art and covered three activities: exhibition of works by six Japanese visual artists, lecture on topic of new technology in contemporary video art and video workshops held by professor and artist Yoshiaki Inatsugi for the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, young BH artists and all those with interest in video art.

The works of Mai Yamashita & Naoto Kobayashi, Meiro Koizumi, Yuki Okumura, Chikara Matsumoto and Daisuke Nagaoka were shown at the gallery Duplex/10m2 for 2 weeks.

JAPAN VIDEO WINDOW was sponsored by the Japan Foundation, and in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan in BiH, Embassy of the Republic of France, art association Kyoto Aeroport and MIACA.

July 2009

July 22: Concert by Japanese Band "Hinokiya"

The concert as one of the events of Bascarsijske Noci took place at Kolobara han in Sarajevo.

Japanese Taiko drums, Shinobue flute, guitars and many other instruments making all different kinds of sounds, were played to express both Japanese music and emotions of Hinokiya, which travels around the world.

Although some songs were in Japanese, the audience was able to enjoy the beautiful harmony of Japanese music and also follow the rythm by clapping their hands.

June 2009

June 17: Japanese Ambassador Motai's visit to Go Club Banja Luka

Ambassador Motai visited Go Club Banja Luka and handed over the gift (Go demonstration board and stones) from Ms.Chizu Kobayashi, a professional Go player, and "Senjyu-kai", her Go association.

Go was introduced in BiH in 1965, former Yugoslavia period, and Go Club Banja Luka was established in 1967. Japanese technicians who were staying in Banja Luka around that time taught local people how to play Go, thus the club was getting bigger.

Because of the outbreak of the war in former Yugoslavia, the Club stopped their activities for a while, and they resumed them after the war. Now the number of its member is around 40 and they participate in the tournaments held in other European countries as well as the one hosted by Nihon Ki-in.


December 2009

December 16: Visit to Jovan Ducic School

The Embassy of Japan held an origami workshop at Jovan Ducic School in East Ilidza. The children seemed to enjoy learning how to make origami and know more about Japanese culture.

November 2009

November 5: Ambassador's Lecture at Mostar University

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Mostar hosted a lecture by Ambassador Motai.

Ambassador talked about the reasons of Japanese assitance to BiH as well as the secrets of Japanese business success, and students listened to his lecture with great interest.

On October 28th, he gave a lecture at University of Zenica with the topic of "Japanese Diplomacy and the Secret of Postwar Revival".

Ambassador's Lecture at University of Mostar

November 4: Ukiyoe Lecture and Demonstration

Japanese Embassy and Japan Foundation organized Ukiyoe lecture and demonstration at Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. The event was sponsored by SONY.

Ukiyoe is a genre of traditional Japanese arts, which originated in Edo period (1603-1868). One of the major techniques to create Ukiyoe is "woodcut prints", and the woodcut print Ukiyoe is based on a delicate division of labor among three craftsmen - an artist, a wood carver and a print maker. 

Lecturer, Mr.Adachi, and demonstrator as a print maker, Mr.Kyoso, from Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints, introduced this admired and highly evaluated technique to the audience.

October 2009

October 31: 9th International Judo Tournament "BiH & Nippon"

The 9th International Judo Tournament “BiH & Nippon” was held at Sports Hall “Amel Beckovic” in Vogošća and was organized by Judo Federation of FBiH and Embassy of Japan in BiH, with technical support from judo clubs Bosna and City Center.

There were more than 650 participants from very small kids to adults divided into different weight categories, from Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighboring countries including Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia. Ms. Larisa Cerić, the gold medalist from World Junior Championship 2009 held in Paris, also participated. 

 Embassy of Japan has been supporting this event for 9 years, and Tatamis, which have been donated by Japanese government in 2001, have been used for the rings of this tournament every year.

October 6: Visit to SOS-Social Center Hermann Gmeiner, introducing Japan at "Children's Week"

The Embassy of Japan visited SOS-Social Center in Sarajevo to introduce Japan and Japanese culture, followed by our last visit in September.

SOS Kinderdorf International Organization supports the "Children's Week" which is traditionally dedicated in the first week of October, by organizing and participating in different activities and events.

Children from Sarajevo, Mostar, Gorazde, Gracanica, Donji Vakuf have the oppurtunity to enjoy many different activities such as; art exhibitions, little Olympic Games, theatre shows, creative workshops and more.