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November 2, 2015

Planting of a Linden Tree in Ambassadors' Alley

On November 02, upon an invitation of Mr. Selim Hadžibajrić, Mayor of Stari grad municipality, Ambassador Ogawa planted a linden tree in ''Ambassador's alley'' at Dariva area in Sarajevo Old city, together with Regional Manager of UNCHR and Ambassador of Egypt to BiH.

Since 2002, diplomats who were residing in BiH planted over 150 linden trees in this alley.There are small plaques in front of the trees which bear the names of those who planted them.

Ambassador Ogawa stated that it was a great honor for him to plant a tree in Ambassador's alley, as well as importance of this event for the development of tourism in Sarajevo and the whole BiH.

October 31, 2015

15th International Judo Tournament "BiH&Nippon"

The 15th International Judo Tournament ''BiH & Nippon'' organized by the Judo Federation of FBiH and cosponsored by the Embassy of Japan in BiH took place on Saturday, October 31 at the Culture and Sports Center Ilidža.

Around 500 competitors from BiH and the region participated in this event.

H.E. Ambassador Kazuya Ogawa opened the tournament and handed the medals to the best competitors.

Embassy of Japan hopes that this event will help citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to get to know more about Japan's traditional sports.

October 15, 2015

The 6th Scholarship Fair at University of Sarajevo

Embassy of Japan took part in the 6th Scholarship Fair organized by the University of Sarajevo.

Representatives of the Culture and PR Section, Embassy of Japan presented various scholarship programs for study and research in Japan.

A number of high school and university students, teachers and associates visited stands of various institutions (governmental and nongovernmental, diplomatic missions, local communities representatives, etc) awarding scholarships to BiH citizens for studying in BiH and abroad.

October 11, 2015

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony organized by the Embassy of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the Urasenke London Branch took place on Sunday, October 11, 2015 at the Atrium Hall, Hotel Europe, Sarajevo.

The tea ceremony was held by Master Sokei KIMURA of the Urasenke London Branch http://www.urasenke.or.jp/texte/ and http://www.urasenke.co.uk/.

In total six tea ceremony sessions were held, inlcuding one special session for Japanese language course students. Despite the bad weather, over 180 people enjoyed in the spiritual world of Japan. A session consisted of the introduction into tea ceremony, Q&A and tea drinking.

Each session lasted approximately 45min. The event was held in Japanese with consecutive English translation. Entrance was free of charge.

Ambassador Ogawa's opening remarks are available here.

Brochure on Chado - The Way of Tea is available here.

The event was also organized in cooperation with the Association for Promotion of Japan and Japanese Culture "Hanabi".

Embassy of Japan hopes that this event helped citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to learn more about Japanese traditional culture.

October 2, 2015

Japanese Language Course 2015/16 - Orientation Day

The orientation day for the Japanese language course applicants took place on Friday, October 2, 2015 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Sarajevo, with the attendance of H.E. Kazuya Ogawa, Ambassador of Japan to BiH; Prof. Dr. Ugo Vlaisavljević, Vice Rector for International Cooperation, University of Sarajevo; Prof. Dr. Muhamed Smajlović, Vice Dean for Financial Affairs, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Sarajevo and the new course teacher, Ms. Sayaka Okada.

Ambassador Ogawa welcomed the third generation of Japanese language learners into the Japanese speaking community in Sarajevo and expressed hope that they will enjoy their classes and work hard to master Japanese language.

''As for you, dear 2nd year and 3rd year students, I was sincerelly impressed by your achievements last year, and I am sure that we will witness many great things from you in the future. I hope that you will all obtain good results at the upcoming Japanese Language Proficiency Test which is recognized at the global level. I wish you all the best of luck and great success in learning Japanese and connecting Japan and Bosnia and Herzegovina,'' said Ambassador Ogawa.

''Speaking on behalf of the Rector and the entire academic community of the University of Sarajevo, we appreciate very much the efforts made by the Embassy of Japan to have the Japanese language course open to the students and the public. We are glad that the project is entering its 3rd year and do hope that very soon Japanese language will be taught as part of the university curriculum,'' said Vice Rector Vlaisavljević.

''We hope that you will feel pleasant at our Faculty and that this will help you present your Japanese language achievements more easily. We wish you to have an opportunity to actively use your Japanese language skills in the future. On behalf of the Veterinary Faculty I wish you a warm welcome to our Faculty,'' said Vice Dean Smajlović.

August 10, 2015 (test date: December 6)

JLPT - Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

The JLPT - Japanese-Language Proficiency Test will be held for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina at Veterinary Faculty, University of Sarajevo on December 6, 2015.

The JLPT is a test for non-native speakers of Japanese language which evaluates and certifies their Japanese-language proficiency. In 2014, approximately 600,000 people took the test in 67 countries and areas worldwide. It is the largest Japanese-language test in the world.

The JLPT will be conducted by the Japan Foundation in the form of co-sponsorship with the Test Administrative Committee in BiH. The Test Administrative Committee has been established recently by the University of Sarajevo and the Embassy of Japan in BiH. It consists of a University representative, Embassy representative, Japanese language experts and other members to administer this test in Sarajevo.

General Information

Test Guide

Sample Questions

Application Form


Applicants should be, in principle, non-native speakers of Japanese.


N1 - The ability to understand Japanese used in a variety of circumstances.

N2 - The ability to understand Japanese used in everyday situations, and in a variety of circumstances to a certain degree.

N3 - The ability to understand Japanese used in everyday situations to a certain degree.

N4 - The ability to understand basic Japanese.

N5 - The ability to understand some basic Japanese.

Test Fee: 55,00 KM


- Firstly, please read carefully the Test Guide.

- Please download the application form exclusively from this website.

- Please complete electronically the registry form.

- Please note that the application form consists of three sheets (A, B, C), the Test Voucher and Test Voucher copy.  When you complete the sheet A, the remaining sheets will be automatically completed.

- Please print the application form. Keep the sheet C for yourself. Put your photos on the Test Voucher and Test Voucher copy.

- Please pay 55,00 KM to the bank account of the University of Sarajevo: 1610000008960774, Raiffeisen Bank D.D. Bosnia and Herzegovina. The purpose of the payment is: ''Provjera znanja japanskog jezika''

- Please send the following documents by post to the Embassy of Japan in BiH (Bistrik 9, 71 000 Sarajevo). Hand delivered documents in a sealed envelope are also acceptable:

1) Completed application form (sheets A and B);

2) Test Voucher;

3) Test Voucher copy;

4) Proof of payment

- Please indicate Japanese Language Proficiency Test on the envelope.

- Application period: September 1-11, 2015. (Postage stamp dated September 11 is acceptable)

- Confirmation receipt of application will be sent to the e-mail address indicated on your application form by September 18.

- If you do not receive the confirmation receipt by September 18, please e-mail us immediately.

- You will receive the stamped Test Voucher at the test venue on Sunday, December 6.

Inquiry could be sent to embassyofjapan.culture@sx.mofa.go.jp.

Telephone inquiry will not be accepted.

The Embassy of Japan in BiH hopes that this test will encourage people in BiH to study Japanese language and that it will help to further promote bilateral relations between Japan and BiH in various fields such as education, culture, etc

August 3, 2015

Architect Dr. Kuma's Lecture in Mostar

On 3 August, world-renowned architect Dr. Kengo Kuma gave a lecture at a summer school of architecture in Mostar.

Upon invitation, the Ambassador Ogawa also joined the lecture.

The lecture was a great success with the attendance of a number of students and citizens, along with the Minister of Education of the Herzegovina-Neretva (Mostar) Canton, the mayor of Mostar city, and prominent architects from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

June 23, 2015

Japanese Language Course 2014/15 - Certificate Presentation Ceremony at University of Sarajevo

Certificate presentation ceremony for the 1st and 2nd grade of the graduate students of the Japanese language course, organized in the academic year 2014/15 took place on Tuesday, June 23 at the Rectorate, University of Sarajevo.

Japanese language course is organized by the University of Sarajevo with the support of the Embassy of Japan in BiH and with the Japan Foundation.

The ceremony was opened by H.E. Mr. Kazuya OGAWA, Ambassador of Japan to BiH and Prof. Dr. Muharem AVDISPAHIĆ, Rector of the University of Sarajevo, with the attendance of Prof. Dr. Ugo VLASIAVLJEVIĆ, Vice Rector for International Cooperation of the University of Sarajevo, representatives of the Culture and PR Section of the Embassy of Japan, and Mrs. Yukari HILL, Japanese language instructor.

Rector Avdispahić and Ambassador Ogawa handed certificates to 31 course graduates.

Among the course graduates were two MEXT scholarship candidates who will start their studies in Japan in April 2016.

''You, dear students, play a significant role in forming the community of Japanese language and culture learners, in triggering growth and expansion of Japanese studies in this country, in intellectual exchange between Japan and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and serve as a strong and long-lasting bridge between our countries.

I hereby express special thanks to the University of Sarajevo for their great cooperation and openness towards this project. I would also like to express sincere appreciation to Mrs. Yukari Hill for her enthusiasm and professionalism. Without her presence, we would not have this Japanese language course. Embassy of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina strongly hopes that this project will strengthen the bilateral relations and mutual respect between our people and countries,'' said Ambassador Ogawa in his opening speech.

Rector Avdispahić stressed Japan's great role and significance on a global level, expressing hope that University of Sarajevo will expand its cooperation with institutions in Japan. Rector also pointed out that Japanese language course is now entering its 3rd year of implementation and that the course should gradually become part of the academic curriculum of the University of Sarajevo.

The 3rd year of Japanese language course starts in October 2015. More detailed information will be timely published on the Embassy of Japan and University of Sarajevo websites.


June 14, 2015

Participation in 12th Kid's Festival

The 12th Kid's Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina took place in the Sport and Cultural Center of Skenderija with thousands of children from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina participating in this youth event.

For the 7th consecutive year, Embassy of Japan, together with the Anime/Manga Fan Community Sarajevo and association of Japanese culture afficionados ''Hanabi'', took part in the International Fair with workshops, exhibitions, entertainment and booths of many Embassies and other domestic and international organizations.

As every year, Embassy of Japan was entertaining and teaching children from BiH about traditional Japanese culture, such as calligraphy, origami and popular Japanese toys.

By visiting the Japanese Embassy booth, children had a chance to wear traditional Japanese costumes, have their name written in Japanese calligraphy, learn Japanese words as well as to receive various interesting gifts.

Embassy of Japan hopes that this and similar promotions of Japanese culture will contribute to strengthening of the friendly relations between Japan and BiH.

June 5, 2015

Japanese language course at Banja Luka high school - certificate presentation ceremony

The certificate presentation ceremony for the graduates of the Japanese language course at Gimnazija Banja Luka was held on June 5 in Banja Luka. The event was attended by Ms. Kakuko KOTAKA, Head of Culture and PR Section, Embassy of Japan in BiH; Ms. Miho DJEKIC, the course teacher; the school students and teachers.

The school's Vice Principle handed the certificates which were made of traditional Japanese paper, Washi. This was followed by a Japanese poet recital, and students' presentation of the origin and evolution of Kanji, Japanese characters.

The students also presented the message cards with their wishes written on them, following the tradition of a Japanese Tanabata festival, where people write their wishes on colorful or designed papers and tie them on bamboo branches.

I sincerelly appreciate the efforts invested by the Gimnazija Banja Luka to organize Japanese language course. I believe that learning a language is a starting point to learn about a foreign culture. When it comes to learning Japanese, students need to use a lot of imagination as Japanese is so much different from the language spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But having strong imagination is good as it helps person to understand the other's way of thinking, it makes one a better person and enriches their life, said Ms. Kotaka in her opening remarks.

May 18, 2015

Presentations of MEXT Scholarship Programs for 2016

The Government of Japan offers 4 different scholarship programs to students from BiH who wish to study at universities in Japan under the MEXT (Ministry of Education and Science) Scholarship Programme.

The application deadline is 17:00, Friday, June 5, 2015.

Presentations of the scholarship programs, followed by Q&A sessions, will take place as follows:  

May 18 at 17,00h, Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Banja Luka (Classroom 3). Presentation will be given by Mrs. Suzana Gotovac Atlagić – former MEXT scholarship grantee, lecturer at the University of Banja Luka.

May 18 at 14:00h, School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo (amphitheatre Zvečevo). Presentation will be given by the representatives of the Culture and PR Section and Ms. Taida Jašarević, former MEXT scholarship grantee.

Since 1996, more than 30 students from BiH have visited Japan and gained their education through MEXT scholarship programme. More detailed information on the scholarship programs can be found on http://www.bosnia.emb-japan.go.jp/EN/CultureScholarships.html.

March 7, 2015

The 1st Japanese Language Speech Contest was held in Sarajevo

On 7th March, the 1st Japanese Language Speech Contest was organized by University of Sarajevo and held at the Veterinary Faculty, University of Sarajevo. This contest was sponsored by the Embassy of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Company JTI – Japan Tobacco International, Sarajevo Office.

Mr. Hideo YAMAZAKI, Ambassador of Japan to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Professor dr. Nihad FEJZIĆ, Dean of the Veterinary Faculty, University of Sarajevo, attended this event. Ambassador Yamazaki encouraged seven contestants and other Japanese learners in his opening speech. In addition, about 80 students attended it as audience, as well as local media.

Seven contestants who were selected from all applicants by examining their papers, delivered speeches and were asked questions in Japanese by four judges at this contest. As the result, the following speakers received a certificate and a prize. JTI Sarajevo Office awarded a return airplane ticket to Japan to the First Prize Winner.

1st Prize: Ms. Aleksandra LEONTIJEVIĆ (Speech title: The reason why I am studying Kanji.)
2nd Prize: Ms. Ines ROVČANIN (Speech title: Letter from the Past)
3rd Prize: Ms. Sanda ŠLJIVO (Speech title: My friend, Japan)

This contest was financially supported by Japan Foundation.


February 27, 2015

The Scholarship Students and JICA Alumni Reunion

The scholarship students reunion was held on February 27 at the Residence of Ambassador of Japan to BiH.

Members of the JICA Alumni association, two MEXT scholarship grantees who will start their studies in Japan, in April 2015 as well as the 2nd year students of the Japanese language course at the University of Sarajevo also joined the event.

The guests enjoyed Japanese food and shared their experiences about living in Japan and learning Japanese as well as their life since their return home.


February 20, 2015

Japanese Culture Presentation at Gimnazija Banja Luka

Representatives of the Culture and PR Section of the Embassy of Japan in BiH visited high school Gimnazija Banja Luka and presented various elements of Japanese culture to over 50 students and teachers.

Students had the chance to watch Japan Video Topics - short videos on various inventions that make it easier to care for elderly and disabled people as well as on Japanese devotion to keeping life clean and tidy, which stems from the belief that clean surroundings lead to a pure heart.

Students also had a chance to practice conversation in Japanese, to sing a song in Japanese as well as to participate in an interesting quizz on various aspects of Japanese society.

February 12 - 25, 2015

Japanese Film Week 2015

Japanese Film Week 2015, organized by the Embassy of Japan in BiH, takes place as follows:

 ★ Sarajevo, February 12-18, 20:15h, cinema Meeting Point, within the Sarajevo Winter Festival. Entrance is free. First screening will be opened by H.E. Hideo YAMAZAKIi, Ambassador of Japan to BiH.

Screening Schedule&Film Synopsis

 ★ Banja Luka, February 19-25, 20:00h, Dom omladine, organized in cooperation with Academy of Arts, University of Banja Luka. Entrance is free. First screening will be opened by Ms. Kakuko KOTAKA, Head of Culture and PR Section, Embassy of Japan in BiH.

Screening Schedule&Film Synopsis

The Kirishima Thing (2012) opens the film weeks -- a coming-of-age film depicting the growth of a protagonist from youth to adulthood in a particular social context. It is based on a novel that became a major hit in Japan, and it also won a number of awards.

Films A Story of Yonosuke (2012), About the Pink Sky (2011) are also coming-of age films, while Things Left Behind (2013), Reunion (2013), Casting Blossoms to the Sky (2011) and Hearts Together (2012) serve as a look into the past focusing on the human experience of great tragedies in Japan’s history – bombing of Hiroshima and The Great East Japan Earthquake.

Films are shown with English subtitles.

January 30, 2015

Japanese Culture Presentation at Elementary School 'Mula Mustafa Bašeskija' Sarajevo

Representatives of the Culture and PR Section of the Embassy of Japan visited elementary school 'Mula Mustafa Bašeskija' and presented various elements of Japanese culture to over 50 pupils and teachers.

Pupils had the chance to watch Japan Video Topics - short videos on the spirit of Mottainai - a traditional expression that indicates both regret at wasting or misusing anything that still has value, and shows respect and gratitude for material things, and on various inventions that are making life in Tokyo easier.

Pupils also had a chance to practice conversation in Japanese, to sing a song in Japanese as well as to participate in an interesting quizz on various aspects of Japanese society and friendship between Japan and BiH.

January 27, 2015

Lejla Hodžić - Winner of JFTC Essay Competition Visited Japan

Ms. Lejla Hodžić, a 19-year-old student from BiH is one of the winners of the JFTC Essay Competition, sponsored by the Japan Foreign Trade Council (JFTC) since 2005 to encourage students, young researchers and business people to express their opinions on matters of national and international importance.

With her essay on the topic "Japan: Insight into World’s Future", Ms. Hodžić won the The Selection Committee Chair's Special Prize of 100,000 yen as well as a trip to the prize-giving ceremony in Japan.

Here is Lejla's story about her experience in Japan.

January 12, 2015

Calligraphy Exhibition by 1st and 2nd Generation Students of Japanese Language Course in Sarajevo

The opening of the Japanese calligraphy exhibition by the 1st and 2nd generation students of the Japanese language course in Sarajevo which is implemented by the University of Sarajevo and Embassy of Japan in BiH took place on Monday, January 12 at the hall of the School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo.

Kakizome is a traditional Japanese caligraphy written at the beginning of the year to express wishes for the forthcoming year.

The exhibition features calligraphy works of the 1st generation students on the topics: cherry blossom, dream, spring, snow and friendship, written in two basic Japanese character sets - hiragana and katakana, and works of the 2nd generation students on the topics: light of future and strong friendship, written in a more complex Japanese character set - kanji.

Participants had an opportunity to hear Sonata For Two Flutes by Johann Christian Schultze, performed by the students of the Music Academy, University of Sarajevo, Nikolina Šušak and Arijana Piknjač as well as speeches by Prof. Ugo Vlaisavljević, Vice Rector for International Cooperation, University of Sarajevo and Prof. Željko Šain, Dean of the School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo.

H.E. Hideo Yamazaki, Ambassador of Japan to BiH, after a short speech, handed awards and certificates to the students who created the best works.

"Dear students, I am indeed proud of you and I sincerely hope that this exhibition will encourage you to continue studying Japanese. I expect you to bring a number of positive changes in this society and to actively participate in an intellectual, socio-cultural, economic and other types of cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Japan", said Ambassador Yamazaki.

The exhibition runs until January 18.