New Year Message from Ambassador Ogawa

Happy New Year!

8 months have passed since I arrived in Sarajevo last year in May.
During last 8 months, I visited many places all around Bosnia and Herzegovina and met with many Bosnian politicians and dignitaries and I myself have paid utmost efforts for enhancing economic cooperation and cultural exchanges between two countries.
My impression toward BiH through my 8 months experience is that this country still faces serious ethnic frictions in various levels and unfortunately these frictions create inconvenient environment in various scenes in BiH.
Even though 20 years after Bosnia War have passed, people still drag memories of these tragedy until today.
But, it is also true that people in BiH are eager for becoming a member of European Union and moving forward to this goal.
I believe this country has huge economic potentials in the fields such as energy, mines, forestry and tourism which have not yet fully utilized and are deserved to be more developed.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of establishment of Japan BiH diplomatic relations. Luckily, people in BiH are extremely friendly to Japan.
I dare to say that their positive feelings to Japan derive from our sincere development assistances to this country for last 20 years.
I am determined to declare in this commemorative year that I will boost bilateral relations much more better through realizing mutual high level visits in both sides, strengthening business relations, hosting various cultural activities and opening regional cooperation in municipal level between two countries.
I am sure that all these events would be beneficial for people of two countries and hope that my dear reader could understand and support my ideas.

I would appreciate your continued kind cooperation this year.

Kazuya Ogawa