A Handover Ceremony of Non-Project Grant Aid for Provision of Japanese Next-Generation Vehicle


On October 27th, Ambassador of Japan to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) Kazuya Ogawa attended a handover ceremony of Non-Project Grant Aid for Provision of  Japanese Next-Generation Vehicle together with Minister of Civil Affairs Adil Osmanovic in Sarajevo.
Under this Grant Aid assistance amounting to 500 million Japanese Yen (approx. 7.2million KM) in total, the Government of Japan donated 40 clean-diesel vehicles and 80 hybrid vehicles to 120 social and welfare institutions in BH Federation, RS and Brcko District. In this ceremony, the 40 clean-diesel vehicles were handed over to BH. The other 80 hybrid vehicles will arrive in BH next year.
  The vehicles will be used to improve services of the social and welfare institutions such as transportation of their users including people with special needs and elderly people, and visits of their employees to houses of their users. In addition, as clean-diesel vehicles dramatically cut emission of toxic material unlike usual diesel vehicles, this Grant Aid assistance will contribute to protection of environment in BH