Announcement of the Third Speech Contest

The Third Speech Contest will take place as follows:

  1. Date and time: Saturday, March 18, 16:00h

  2. Venue: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo
  3. Organizers:Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo
Sponsor: Embassy of Japan in BH, Olympus BH, Japan Foundation

  4. Theme: 
First Group: Japanese Culture for Me
(Contestant should have knowledge of the GENKIItextbook)
Second Group: My Enthusiasm for Japan
(Contestant should have knowledge of the GENKIIII textbook)
 The contestant should express his/her personal views, not only general information on Japan.

  5. Rules
    a. Speech length: ca.3min- If the speech is shorter than 2:30min, the contestant will be given negative points. - If the speech is longer than 3:30 min, the contestant will be stopped.
    b. After the application and proposed text for the contest are submitted, the text can undergo minor changes if the contestant decides to do so, however any significant text modification will not be allowed.
    c. The submitted text should not have been previously announced or published.
    d. During the contest, the contestant will not be allowed to read the text prepared but will be able to use short text notes. These need to be submitted and officially approved and stamped at the register office before the beginning of the contest.
    e. Every speech will be followed by brief Q&A session.

  6. Eligibility: Applicants must meet all of the following criteria
    a. BH residency.
    b. Applicants should not have stayed for longer than 1 month in Japan.

  7. Application procedure: Application form is available at Embassy of Japan and Websites. Completed application form and the speech text (in Japanese) need be sent to

Application form
 After sending, we will send you a receipt confirmation email within 3 days. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the Japanese Embassy (Tel. (+ 387) 33-277-500).
  8. Application deadline: Monday, February 28.

  9. FIRST Selection: will be made based on the quality of the speech text (those who pass the first selection will be allowed to participate in the contest). All applicants will be informed of the first selection results by Friday, March 10.

  10. NOTE: Prizes will be given to good contestants. The winner of the Second Group contest will receive return plane ticket to Japan, sponsored by Olympus BH. (In case the winner is under 18 or who has visited Japan through the Japanese Government related program within last one year, the prize will be changed to the second best).