Japanese Emperor's Birthday Reception

On 16 November 2017 Ambassador Kazuya Ogawa hosted a reception at Hotel Europe in Sarajevo on the occasion of Emperor’s birthday. The reception was attended by numerous guests including Mr. Milan Dunović, Vice President of FBiH, Ms. Edita Djapo, Minsiter of Environment and Tourism of FBiH, Mr. Ivica Osim, Former Coach of Japanese National Football Team, Japanese companies, representatives of diplomatic, academic and cultural communities.
    In his speech Ambassador Ogawa wished for further strengthening of Japan-BiH bilateral relations through realizing mutual high-level visits and promoting Japanese investment and culture. He also mentioned results of Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak’s visit to Japan in October  and stressed friendly ties between the two nations through sports.
    At the reception Japanese companies displayed their products and promotional materials, and “The World Heritage of Japan” photo panels were exhibited as well. Japanese sake and fresh rice were also served. Please find a new brochure “Friendly ties between Japan and BiH” distributed at the reception.
                                           Ambassador and Madam Ogawa at the receiving line                    Ambassador Ogawa's Speech                                     Commemorative photo with BiH dignitaries
                                                                                                                                                              and a toast with Japanese Sake

                                                              Reception Venue                                       Business Exhibition (Olympus, Sony, Panasonic)                                    Japanese Sake corner
                                                  Japanese New Rice corner                                                            Sushi made with new rice                                             Dignitaries eijoying Japanese food
                                Brochures "Friendly ties between Japan and BiH"                          Mr. and Mrs. Osim enjoying the borochure                        Panel exhibition of  "The world Heritage of Japan"