Summer Japanese Language Program 2019

Embassy of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina is pleased to announce that the Summer Japanese Language Program will be held at the Philosophy Faculty of University of Sarajevo in September 2019. The Program offers the opportunity to learn Japanese language and culture with the aim to contribute to the building of friendship between the people of BiH and Japan. The Program is organized within the framework of a collaborative agreement between University of Sarajevo, BiH and Sophia University ( 上智大学), Tokyo, Japan, and supported by the Japan Embassy in BiH.

The Program is practice-oriented and provides participants with the opportunity to experience Japanese culture. It offers 5 courses of different levels from very beginners to more advanced. Each course consists of 9 classes over the period of three weeks. The program also offers 1 optional course for participants who are interested in very advanced speaking skill. The optional course consists of 4 classes. The four graduate students specialized in Japanese language pedagogy from Tokyo will teach these courses.

Please see details of each course HERE.


Applications should be submitted no later than 19th August.