Ambassador of Japan Kazuya Ogawa attended the handover ceremony of relief items procured by UNHCR funded by Japanese Government, to Red Cross of Bosnia and Herzegovina



On January 29th, in Sarajevo, Ambassador of Japan to Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Kazuya Ogawa attended handover ceremony of relief items procured in 2015 by UNHCR funded by Japanese Government, to Red Cross of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In September 2015, the Government of Japan decided to allocate 1 million US Dollars to UNHCR, under the UNHCR project titled ”Emergency Grant Aid for the influx of refugees and migrants in Europe”, aiming to provide support for improving the reception centers for refugees and migrants passing through Western Balkan countries, and in this framework, 108,000 US Dollars was provided to the UNHCR Regional Office in Sarajevo for preparedness for possible influx refugees and migrants, and by using this Japanese funds the office procured 5,000 blankets, 1,000 sleeping mats, 1,000 plastic tarpaulin sheets etc. to be stored at the UNHCR warehouse in Sarajevo. But, these items were not used so far because the number of refugees or migrants moving across the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina has never reached the point at which the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina would seek support from the UNHCR in securing distribution of these relief items. Therefore, it has been decided to further transfer these items to the Red Cross of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as one of the main UNHCR partners in this country.
Ms. Semiha Borovac, Minister of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms. Francesca Bonelli, UNHCR Deputy Regional Representative and Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary General of Red Cross of BiH also attended the ceremony, and they again expressed their appreciation for the support from the Japanese government.