Message from Ambassador Hideyuki Sakamoto


Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a new nation independent from former Yugoslavia, overcoming difficult struggles caused by ethnic conflict. The country is a historical crossroad of cultures, in which various ethnic groups and religions are more intricate than any other countries that became independent of the former Yugoslavia. With such a background, the road to ethnic reconciliation is on the way, but I sincerely hope that the country will achieve stability and development in Europe.
On the other hand, on the economic side, although there are various reform issues, it should be noted that stable annual growth at above 3% has been observed in recent years in BiH. Especially, foreign investment to the manufacturing industry has been steadily increasing aiming at the EU market.
Japan is very far from Bosnia and Hercegovina; however, the various reconstruction support that Japan has extended is generally well known in BiH. In the future, cultural exchanges including Japanese language education and further economic cooperation including investment will be our agendas.
Recently, the number of Japanese tourists to the Balkan region has been increasing; we hope that a wide relationship with this country, which has beautiful nature and cultural heritage, will continue to develop in the future.