Japanese Language Course 2018/2019

The Embassy of Japan and the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo are pleased to announce that a Japanese language course, taught by a native Japanese speaker, will be offered to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 2018/2019 academic year.

You can review the activities of the course HERE (the document is in Japanese/Bosnian). We are always open to new ideas and projects!

Application Form

Duration and Dates: 

1 October 2018 – 3 June 2019 (Final test and Presentation Day will be held outside of the schedule.)
1st Semester: 1 October 2018 – 25 January 2019
2nd Semester: 11 February 2019 - 3 June 2019


Level 1 class (Entry-level course)
Mondays 17:50–19:20, and Wednesdays 19:30–21:00
* Class may be divided depending on the number of students.

Level 2 class
(Students should have equivalent knowledge to the GENKI-1 textbook, Ch. 1–10)

Tuesdays 19:30–21:00, and Fridays 17:50–19:20

Level 3 class
(Students should have equivalent knowledge to the GENKI-1 and GENKI-2 Ch. 13-18)

Tuesdays 17:50–19:20, and Thursdays 19:30–21:00

Level 4 class
(Students should have equivalent knowledge to the textbooks GENKI-1, 2 and TOBIRA Ch. 1–4)

Mondays 19:30–21:00, and Thursdays 17:50-19:20

Total number of hours (per group): 
1st semester: 90 minutes x 30 sessions
2nd semester: 90 minutes x 30 sessions

*The above schedules may be subject to change.

Faculty of Philosophy (Franje Račkog 1)

 300 BAM for the academic year.
Payment should be made to the Faculty bank account, in September 2018. Payment instructions will be provided in a timely manner.
Students are expected to pay for their own materials.
Note: Details about methods of payment will be provided before the course starts. It is NOT possible to divide tuition by semesters.

Languages of Instruction: 
Japanese and English (In Level 2 class and above, instruction will be mostly provided in Japanese.)

Certificates will be issued upon completion of the course (in June 2019).


1.    Please send your completed application form, no later than Sunday, 23 September 2018, to japanese2016@ff.unsa.ba
Please print, no hand writing. You will receive a confirmation email.
2.    Please attend the orientation day on 28 September 2018. There you will have a chance to get general information about the course from the lecturer and talk to/ask questions of students who have completed the first, second or third level of the course.

Course Description:
Level 1 class
This class is aimed at those who have no or almost no knowledge of the Japanese language. By the end of the course, through learning basic speaking, listening, writing and reading skills, students will be able to: read and write Japanese basic letters, Hiragana and Katakana, as well as basic Kanji characters; engage in short spoken discourses about everyday topics; and use basic Japanese structures and expressions in a given context.
Level 2 class
This class is for those who have completed the GENKI-1 textbook Chapters 1–10, or have equivalent knowledge of the Japanese language (it is app. JLPT N5 level). It covers basic grammar, and Kanji characters. By the end of the course, students will be able to engage in spoken discourse on everyday topics at a deeper level and in a wider context.
Level 3 class
This level is for those who have completed the GENKI-1 textbook and GENKI-2 Ch.13-18, or have equivalent knowledge of Japanese (it is app. JLPT N4 level). More expressions and vocabulary will be covered, and the focus will be on academic rather than conversational skills, although verbal communication skills will also be enhanced. GENKI-2 will be used in first semester, and “TOBIRA” will be used in second semester as intermediate level Japanese textbook.
Level 4 class
This level is for those who have completed the textbooks GENKI-1, 2 and “TOBIRA” Ch 1–4, or have equivalent knowledge of Japanese (it is app. JLPT N3 level). It covers more grammar and advanced vocabulary, with advanced communication skills as its focus.

Textbook information:

- Beginners Level “GENKI”

- Intermediate Level “TOBIRA”


•    The student must commit to take the course seriously.
•    The certification will be issued to students who attended classes throughout the academic year (both 1st and 2nd semesters). Your score (A-E) evaluated by attendance/activity/test marks etc. will be included.
•    He/she must check his/her email during the course.
This course is provided in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina and with the support of the Japan Foundation.

Teacher introduction 先生の紹介


MIYANOYA Nozomi / 宮野谷 希
Graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
Master of Applied Linguistics of Japanese education.
Research interest: Japanese onomatopoeia
6-years-experience in total as a Japanese lecturer in Japan, China, Serbia and BiH.

Dobar dan! I am Nozomi Miyanoya, from Tokyo. I majored in Japanese education at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and Japanese Semantics is my profession.
I can say I am an “otaku” of language who is always thinking about the meaning of words  :)
I started Balkan life in 2012 when I started teaching Japanese at Belgrade University. I taught there for 3 years and came to Sarajevo in 2016. I fell in love with the culture, the life, and the people here through my career. :)
Certainly, Japan is far away from Bosnia, but my wish is that you get to feel Japan closer to your hearts through studying Japanese language and culture. I hope this course becomes a good opportunity for Bosnian-Herzegovenian and Japanese people to exchange our culture.
Welcome, and enjoy the Japanese World! :)
Vidimo se u oktobru!

みなさん、こんにちは!宮野谷 希です。とうきょう しゅっしんです。とうきょうがいこくごだいがくで にほんごを せんこうして、2012ねんに ベオグラードに きました。ベオグラードだいがくで 3ねんかん にほんごを おしえて、2016ねんに サラエボに きました。ことばについて かんがえるのが だいすきです。いつも ことばの いみについて かんがえています…!ことばのオタクです。
このコースが、ボスニアと にほんの いいこうりゅうの ばしょになると いいなとおもっています。
そして、このコースでにほんごや にほんぶんかを べんきょうして、もっと にほんを ちかく かんじてほしいと おもっています。
いっしょに たのしいクラスを つくりましょう!
10がつに みなさんに あえるのを たのしみにしています!