The Certificate Presentation Ceremony for Japanese Language Learners (2017-2018)

Graduates 1st year Graduates 2nd year Graduates 3rd year Graduates 4th year 


Certificate presentation ceremony for the 1st to 4th grade students of the Japanese language course organized in the academic year 2017/18 took place on 5 July at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo.  The Japanese language course is organized by the University of Sarajevo with the support of the Embassy of Japan in BiH and the Japan Foundation.
The ceremony was opened by Mr. Hideyuki SAKAMOTO, the Ambassador of Japan to BiH and Prof. Dr. Muhamed DŽELILOVIĆ, Dean of the Faculty.
Ambassador SAKAMOTO and Dean DŽELILOVIĆ handed certificates to 35 students.
Ambassador SAKAMOTO praised the high-level performance at the presentation and the effort of the Japanese learners and encouraged them to learn the language further in the future. Dean DŽELILOVIĆ additionally expressed the desire for the students to remain involved in further Japanese-related activities, including the possible opening of Japanese studies at the Faculty of Philosophy before the end of 2019.