Japanese films and television programs on Federal Radio and Television (FTV)




On 17 January, Ambassador Hideyuki Sakamoto handed over the list of 20 Japanese films and television programs provided for free for broadcasting on FTV, (Federal Radio and Television), one of the public broadcasters in BiH, to Mr. Boris Šiber, Head of Programming for Children and Youth of FTV.

This grant is carried out based on the “Program for Japanese TV Broadcasting Abroad” by the Japan Foundation, Japan's only public institution specialized in carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programs throughout the world.  

Ambassador Sakamoto expressed his hope that this project helps people of BiH deepen the understanding about Japan and also feel more familiar with Japan.

Except “Summer Breakers” which was broadcasted as the first program among 20 programs last December, programs will be aired one by one from March this year. For the specific broadcast schedule of FTV, please follow the link below: