Japanese Language Speech Contest 2019



On 23 March the Fifth Japanese Language Speech Contest was held at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo. Eight contestants presented 3-4 minutes-long speeches in Japanese on themes such as their personal links with Japan. Ambassador Hideyuki Sakamoto, who chaired the jury, commended all contestants for their courage to speak in Japanese at the contest. The sponsor of the contest, Mitsubishi Corporation presented winners with prizes including a round trip air ticket to Japan for the 1st place winner of the Intermediate Section.
The results of the contest are as follows:
Beginner Section (overall topic: “Myself and Japan”)
1st place: Ms. Lamija Pohara - “Taste of Life”
2nd place: Ms. Ajla Đinalić - “My Journey is Here”
Intermediate Section (overall topic: free)
1st place: Ms. Amina Kahriman - “What I Learned from Education in Japan”
2nd place: Mr. Vernes Babić – “The Expelling of Our Youth”