Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in Banja Luka






On 21 April, the first Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival was held in Banja Luka. Members of B-come, a Japanese music group of traditional instruments, who visited the city with generous sponsorship from Japanese company JTI, held a workshop to introduce Biwa (Ms. Yoshiko Sakata) and Koto (Ms. Miwa Inaba) to the students of ethno music at the University of Banja Luka, where Japanese NGO “Ipil-Ipil no Kai” donated Japanese cherry trees. The B-come members performed Biwa and Koto in memory of their friend Jadranka Stojakovic, a great singer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the National Theater filled to capacity. On this occasion, President Zeljka Cvijanovic awarded the “Palace of the Republic of Srpska” to Ambassador Hideyuki Sakamoto as a sign of gratitude for Japan’s assistance.