Japanese Culture Presentation at High School Gimnazija ''Petar Kočić'' in Novi Grad


On March 5, the Head of Culture and PR Section Ms. Kakuko KOTAKA visited Gimnazija ''Petar Kočić'' in Novi Grad and participated in a Japanese culture presentation held by the school's Japan Fan Club. The visit was organized in the light of the 20th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Japan and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The members of the Japan Fun Club held a presentation on the local folk dances, followed by a presentation on Japanese history, literature, manga, Japanese language and sports. Ms. Kotaka handed gifts to the students who were learning Japanese language online  – a text book for studying Japanese written by the Japanese Government's former scholarship student, Ms. Suzana Gotovac Atlagić. 

After the presentation, a Q&A session was held and Ms. Kotaka answered various questions related to Japan. All participants received several issues of Nipponica, an interesting and educational  magazine about various aspects of Japanese society and culture.

Embassy of Japan hopes that this and similar presentations of Japanese culture will bring Japanese culture closer to the citizens of BiH and strengthen friendship between the two countries.