The Second Japanese Language Speech Contest



The Second Japanese Language Speech Contest took place on 19 March 2016 at Veterinary Faculty, University of Sarajevo. The event was open for public.

Each of the five contestants presented a 3-minute-long presentation on their personal link, experience or idea of Japan in Japanese language before the judging committee which was comprised of H.E. Kazyua Ogawa, Ambassador of Japan to BiH, Ms. Edita Đapo, Minister of Environment and Tourism of FBiH and a former scholarship student of the Japanese government, Mr. Hiroki MIYOSHI, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) expert, Ms. Kakuko KOTAKA, Head of Culture and Public Relations Section at Embassy of Japan in BiH.

Ambassador Ogawa and Prof. Dr. Nihad Fejzić, Dean of the Veterinary Faculty, University of Sarajevo opened the event.

The results of the contest are as follows:

1st place: Ms. Ines Rovčanin – ''Hospitality''

2nd place: Ms. Ajla Šabić – ''To Be Your Own Person''

3rd place: Ms. Sanda Šljivo – ''The Pink Snow''

4th place: Mr. Armin Džafo - ''My Relationship with Japanese Culture''

5th place: Ms. Andrea Ćerimagić – ''How We Could Change the World''

According to the rules, a winner of the contest was supposed to receive a return air ticket sponsored by the Shimadzu Ltd. In case the winner was under 18 or has visited Japan through a Japanese Government related program within last 1 year, the air ticket would be given to the 2nd best contestant.

As Ms. Ines Rovčanin has recently visited Japan through the Japanese Government's Mirai Program, the air ticket was handed to Ms. Ajla Šabić, the 2nd best contestant.

All other contestants recieved Japanese calligraphy sets sponsored by the Japan Foundation, as well as small gifts provided by the Embassy of Japan in BiH.

Embassy of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovian hopes that this event has brought Japanese language and culture closer to the citizens of BiH and encouraged Japanese language learners to continue studying Japanese language and actively participate in the intellectual exchange between the two countries.