Japanese Culture Days in Zvornik, Sepember 26 – October 13, 2016


The event ''Japanese Culture Days'' was held between September 26-October 13, 2016, organized by the National Library of Zvornik, and supported by the Zvornik Municipality and Embassy of Japan in BiH.
The program featured activities such as Japanese language course for elementary and high school students, Japanese literature presentation, Japanese martial arts presentation, Japanese history and culture presentation, photography exhibition on Japan, Japanese art workshop, and others.
On 12 October, Mr. Takayuki KUMAKURA, Head of Culture and Public Relations Section, Embassy of Japan in BiH joined the event and, together with Mr. Zoran Stevanović, Mayor of Zvornik held opening speech related to the activities planned for this day.
''Thank you so much for organizing this event. This year marks the 20th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Japan and BiH,  and I am so happy and grateful to be here today in this beautiful town, and join your Japanese culture presentation,'' said Mr. Kumakura.
''On this occasion I would like to pay special thanks to Japanese people and the Embassy of Japan for all the assistance provided to date. This event is a gesture of gratitude for their generous support and friendship, and I sincerely look forward to continuing our good cooperation,'' said Mr. Stevanović.
On this occasion, the Embassy of Japan provided ''Nipponica'', educational magazines featuring various dimensions of Japanese culture, posters of Japan, brochures on traditional Japanese tea ceremony and brochures on contemporary Japanese architecture.