Bilateral Relations


The Japanese Government recognized Bosnia and Herzegovina as a state on 23 January, 1996, and established diplomatic relations on 9 February. In February 1998, a liaison office was opened and in January 2008, it developed to the Embassy. Bosnia and Herzegovina has its ambassador in Japan since December 1998.


  • Import from Japan (country-of-origin based): 47.50 million EUR (2016)
  • Export to Japan(destination country based):      0.64 million EUR (2016)
  • Direct Investments: no direct investments from Japan to BiH


Foreign Students Sponsored by The Japanese Government

Japanese Nationals in Bosnia and Herzegovina

30 (as of October, 2016)

VIP Visits

From Japan to Bosnia and Herzegovina
(since 1994)
From Bosnia and Herzegovina to Japan
(since 1996)
1994.1 Investigation Team for Former Yugoslavia,
Headed by Mr. Shunji YANAI, Deputy Vice Minister for Foreign Policy, Director General, Foreign Policy Bureau
1996.2 Investigation Team of Economic Cooperation,
Headed by Mr. Norio HATTORI, Deputy Director General, Economic Cooperation Bureau
1996.7 Minister for Foreign Affairs, Yukihiko IKEDA    
    1996.9 Mr. Hasan DERVIŠBEGOVIĆ, Ambassador
1998.4 Minister for Foreign Affairs, Keizo OBUCHI    
    1998.6 Dr. Haris SILAJDŽIĆ, Co-Chairman, Council of Ministers
    1998.6 Milorad Dodik, Prime Minister of Republika Srpska
    1999.9 Milorad Dodik, Prime Minister of Republika Srpska
    2000.5 Mr. Husein ŽIVALJ, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs,
Mr. Mladen IVANIĆ, President of Party for Democratic Progress
(took part in High-Level meeting on South Eastern Europe)
2001.4 Mr. Ryozo KATO, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs    
2003.8 Mr. Motohisa IKEDA, Chairman, Foreign Affairs Commitee, the House of the Representatives    
2004.1 Mr. Isao MATSUMIYA, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs    
    2004.4 Mr. Mladen IVANIĆ, Minister of Foreign Affairs (took part in Ministerial Conference on Peace Consolidation and Economic Development of the Western Balkans)
2004.7 Mr. Tatsuo ARIMA, Representative of the Government of Japan    
    2004.8 Mr. Fuad ŠABETA, Secretary General of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    2005.1 Mr. Bariša ČOLAK, Minister for Security (took part in the UN World Conference on Disaster Reduction)
    2005.3 Mr. Adnan TERZIĆ, Chairman, Council of Ministers
Ms. Ljerka MARIĆ, Minister of Finance
2006.11 Ms. Midori MATSUSHIMA, Parliamentary Vise-Minister for Foreign Affairs 別ウィンドウで開く    
2008.5 Mr. Etsuro HONDA, Deputy Director-General, European Affairs Bureau of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan別ウィンドウで開く    
2009.2 Mr. Noriteru FUKUSHIMA, Deputy Director-General, European Affairs Bureau    
    2009.10 Mr. Sven ALKALAJ, Minister of Foreign Affairs 別ウィンドウで開く
2010.12 House of Councillors ODA Research Mission (Head:Mr. Tsutomu OKUBO)    
2012.4 Mr. Kazuyuki HAMADA, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs    
    2013.9 Dr. Denis BEĆIROVIĆ, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Milorad ŽIVKOVIĆ, First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives; Mr. Mato FRANJIČEVIĆ, Chair of the Croats cocus at the House of Representatives
2014.7 Mr. Takao MAKINO, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs    
    2014.8 Mr. Mirsad KEBO, Vice President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
2014.8 Deligates of the House of Representatives (Head: Mr. Bunmei IBUKI, Speaker of the House of Representatives)    
2015.7 Mr. Kentaro SONOURA, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs    
2016.10 Mr. Fumio KISHI, State Minister for Foreign Affairs    
    2017.10 Mr. Igor CRNADAK, Minister of Foreign Affairs別ウィンドウで開く

Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Japan

H.E. Mr. Borislav MARIĆ 別ウィンドウで開く

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